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ZOLIS AUDIO PRODUCTIONS, INC., Owned by industry veteran Jim Zolis, is a state of the art Toronto recording studio offering professional recording and production services including mixing, remixing, mastering, and audio post production.

Our professional recording studio features a unique combination of a high end analog input chain (focusrite, manley, summit) combined with the latest Pro Tools | HD 3 Accel System. In addition to the most sought after TDM plugins (Waves, Bombfactory, Ampfarm, Sony Oxford and many more) the system is integrated with world class outboard effects (Lexicon, Eventide etc). All of this is in a sonically true room featuring Mackie HR 824 powered monitors along with the HRS 120 Subwoofer. Simply put, this is one of the best and most unique Pro Tools mixing and recording rooms in Canada. Zolis' recording space features a spacious 16' x 16' drum room, and a 15' x 14' vocal booth. Come to Zolis Audio Productions with nothing but an idea and emerge with a master that puts you in the spotlight.

Zolis Audio is located at 25 Polson Steet beside The Docks / Sound Academy Entertainment Complex in Toronto.

Jim Zolis

Jim Zolis is the driving force behind Zolis Audio Productions

With over 25 years of experience, Jim's trained ear, innovative ideas and enthusiasm are reflected in every project. With JIm and Zolis Audio, clients consistently find themselves in an environment which allows them to maximize their creativity. Jim has years of diverse experience as an engineer and is a specalist in capturing live performances.

JIms credits include: Garry Beals, Jane Siberry, Orin Isaacs, Pavlo, Celine Dion, The Nylons, V.I.P., Candi and the Backbeat, Camille, Lorraine Segato, T.B.T.B.T.,Glass Tiger, The Northern Pikes, and Rita MacNeil.

His Corporate clients include Warner Bros. for the film "Pay It Forward", Nelvana's Care Bears and Miss Spider, Canadian Tire, Mac Cosmetics, Shoppers Drug Mart, Ford, Asterix., Lifestyle Media, Attack Filmworks, and HeadCan (talking posters).

Zolis Audio Productions has also been host to many top Engineers and Producers including Nick Blagona, Peter Bond, John Switzer, Ivan Berry, Geoff Kulawick, Peter Mann, Mark Berry, Orin Issacs, and Karen Kane.

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